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Posted 05/01/17 - by iGlobal LLC

Visit iGlobal LLC at the National Private Truck Council Trad... Visit iGlobal LLC at the National P...

iGlobal, LLC staff are having great discussions today on how to achieve the greatest ROI on your ELD purchase! National Private Truck Council Trade Show (NPTC) attendees are visiting iGlobal LLC at Booth 541 and experiencing FULLY CERTIFIED ELDs! Eric Bauer, iGlobal, LLC President, couldn’t be more proud of the accomplishments from his Development Team….

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Posted 03/08/17 - by iGlobal LLC

Think You’re Covered from an ELD Harassment Lawsuit? Think You’re Covered from an ELD ...

How do drivers using electronic logging devices (ELDs) stay compliant and free from harassment lawsuits? The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) explicitly prohibits a motor carrier from harassing a driver using an ELD and provides that a driver may file a written complaint under 49 CFR 386.12(b) if the driver was subject to harassment….

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Posted 05/24/16 - by iGlobal LLC

The Road from Paper Logs to ELDs The Road from Paper Logs to ELDs

Technological advances and federal government regulatory changes are propelling the trucking industry into a new commercial era from paper logs to Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs). As the tide of innovation begins to rise, fleet leaders are searching for solid footing to keep their businesses compliant with the new regulations and sailing financially strong. We at…

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Posted 05/17/16 - by iGlobal LLC

Supreme Court Expected to Make a Ruling on the ELD Mandate Supreme Court Expected to Make a Ru...

The Supreme Court decided to hear a challenge to the federal government’s electronic logging device mandate. The Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association sued the U.S. Department of Transportation, saying the mandate violates drivers’ constitutional rights. Swift Transportation driver William B. Trescott petitioned the Supreme Court for ruling on the ELD mandate last April. A lower court…

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