Electronic Logging Device (ELD)

Unlike any other product currently on the market, the iGlobal Edge is an all-in-one electronic logging device solution with unlimited talk, text and scanning – eliminating cell phone bills and hassles.

The Edge ELD enables drivers to electronically scan bills of lading and other documents from the cabs of their trucks and immediately transmit them back to the motor carrier office.

The iGlobal Edge ELD is easy to use and saves hours of time each day. The Edge ELD meets federal transportation requirements for managing eLogs, reporting Electronic Control Module (ECM) data and tracking assets.

ELD Technology Proven Transportation-Tough

iGlobal Electronic logging devices (ELDs) operate daily in less-than-truckload (LTL), truckload (TL) and refrigerated trucks of major freight transportation companies like R+L Carriers and Paramount Freight.

To assist customers with implementation of customization, iGlobal, LLC provides on-site training and installation — regardless of location — and provides individualized customer support for its devices.

ELDs Enhance Communication Dispatcher and Driver Communication

Drivers and dispatchers can communicate with text messaging or use the one-touch, push-to-talk feature with built-in voicemail.

Drivers no longer need to miss phone calls or wait on hold. Send fleet-wide messages, update drivers on safety performance and company goals, and simplify day-to-day communication for everyone.

An iGlobal CB microphone and built-in speaker unit communicates through the cellular network already in the ELD. Drivers stay compliant, and cell phone costs are eliminated.

Product Specifications

  • Engine Control Module (ECM) options for J1587, J1708, J1939 and OBDII
    • The Edge ELD reports vehicle engine data as soon as issues occur. The Edge ELD allows fleet managers to timely schedule maintenance. Motor carriers can use data from the Edge when making decisions on individual vehicle service and determining when new purchases are needed.
  • Truck position
  • Departure times
  • Destination arrival times
  • Idle data
  • Fuel tax reporting / state line crossing
  • Off-route activity
  • Vehicle speed
  • Vehicle direction
  • State Mileage Reporting – truck traveled distance per state
  • Odometer readings
  • Fuel economy data
  • Miles per gallon (MPG) data
  • Trip data
  • Score Card
  • Engine speed
  • Engine fault codes
  • PTO
  • Display
  • The easy-to-read Edge ELD display and user interfaces can be customized to match company branding.
  • The in-motion screen lock on the Edge ELD prevents distracted driving.
  • The Edge ELD can operate at sub-zero temperatures or in extreme heat.
  • Portable and easy-to-install, iGlobal ELDs plug directly into the dash of vehicles with 12- or 24-volt power supplies.
  • Comes with necessary charging cords and adaptors
  • Built-in satellite and cellular modem
  • The portable iGlobal Edge ELD unit is enclosed in a rugged, hard-shell, aluminum-reinforced case designed to absorb engine vibrations and shock.
  • Fixed Mount and Seat Belt Mount available
  • In-Cab Scanning
  • Faster document processing and efficient electronic data management mean faster payments for motor carriers and professional drivers.
  • ELD
    • Carriers and drivers can view driver performance, status, critical events, Hours of Service (HOS) and compliance status, logs and violations any time. Driver eLogs interface with multiple TMS providers, including TMW and McLeod.
    • Carriers and drivers can easily view office and in-cab clocks that provide visual countdowns of weekly hours remaining, display daily on-duty total driving and 30-minute break statuses.
    • Administration is easy with iGlobal’s automated driver log calculations and simplified reporting.
    • Automatic alerts notify drivers and fleet managers and provide advance warnings when violations, such as low hours of service (HOS), are in danger of occurring.
      • Break, Driving and Total Hour alerts
  • GPS Services
    • GPS equipment position location every 3 minutes while in motion enables customers to manage driver productivity, calculate ETAs, find missing equipment and aid dispatchers in route optimization. Dispatchers and customers no longer have to contact drivers to inquire about the location of their shipments.
  • Software
    • iGlobal provides software updates automatically, over the air. The FMCSA provides guidance to law enforcement for uniform interpretation and application of the laws that govern our public roads. As these laws change, iGlobal LLC ELDs will provide automatic, over-the-air updates to keep fleets safe and compliant.
  • Customizable Templates and Applications
    • iGlobal offers customizable templates, tools and applications, as well as consultation services, to fit the needs of motor carrier operations.