Battery-Powered GPS Tracking Devices

The iVision X.5 is an untethered GPS tracking device equipped with a durable lithium-ion battery. This non-rechargeable tracking device is ideal for multi-year deployments. With a long-lasting lithium-ion battery life, the iVision X.5 provides one GPS location per day for up to five years. Mount the iVision X.5 virtually anywhere for an easy, inexpensive installation.

Product Specifications

  • Small size: 2.25″ x 10.25″ x 1.4″
  • Lightweight: 32 oz.
  • Sealed and rugged enclosure
  • Weather, temperature, humidity, shock and vibration proof
    • -30º to +75º C
  • Superior internal antennas for both cellular and GPS
  • 5-year battery life on a single charge and one location per day
  • Multiple install locations
  • Product warranty of 12 months
  • Common uses: Common uses: mount on trailers, machinery without power sources, boats, vehicles

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The accuracy [of the iGlobal trailer tracking device] is amazing. I can see exactly where each trailer is...

- Mike Wyandt, Manager of Equipment and Orientation Facilitator, Tri-State Expedited Service Learn More