Industrial Grade High Speed Journey Scanner – Pooled


Streamline document processing, reduce DSO, and increase automation with iGlobal LLC’s Document Imaging System and the Journey Industrial Grade High Speed Scanner.  You get it all in one easy to use system.  Can be used in any vehicle to transmit documents to the office before leaving your customers site.

  • Eliminate truck stop scanning and mailing costs
  • Decrease billing and payment time
  • Simplify driver settlements
  • Attach document numbers to images
  • Automatically reads bar codes
  • Scan any color paper, image quality is exceptional
  • Allows multiple pages to be grouped as one document
  • Easy viewing, sorting, storage and retrieval of images
  • EMAIL images to any email address
  • Scans a full page in 3 seconds, fastest scanner on the market.
  • Assembled in the USA!
  • Web portal imaging system and data storage (requires subscription)

iGlobal LLC maintains a large inventory of pooled Journey high speed scanners for customers who prefer to rent vs. own.  These scanners go through a rigorous inspection, and are backed by a 100% guarantee.  If for any reason your scanner fails to perform at the highest level, simply return it and we’ll replace it at no cost (does not include shipping, or cover physical damage).