Streamline document processing, reduce days sales outstanding (DSO), and increase automation with iGlobal LLC’s Document Imaging System and the Journey Industrial Grade High Speed Scanner.  You get it all in one easy to use system.  Built for multi-year deployments, commonly five years or more under heavy daily use.  Can be used in any vehicle to transmit documents to the office before leaving your customers site.

  • Eliminate truck stop scanning and mailing costs – no out of route miles
  • Decrease billing and payment time – invoice before truck leaves the customer’s site.
  • Simplify driver settlements – accurate settlements every week, guaranteed – let us show you how!
  • Attaches document numbers (bill of lading, delivery receipt, shipment numbers, reference number) and truck number, date and time to images
  • Automatically reads bar codes for auto indexing (filing)
  • Exceptional image quality, even from thin carbon copies or colored backgrounds
  • Allows multiple pages to be grouped as one document
  • Scans a full page in 2 seconds, the fastest scanner on the market.
  • Assembled in the USA!
  • Web portal imaging system and data storage (requires subscription)
  • Easy viewing, sorting, storage and retrieval of images
  • EMAIL images to any email address

*Requires the Journey 8 or Journey 8R tablet

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See the iGlobal LLC high speed scanner in action in the 51 second video below.  The Journey Scanner is the same scanner shown in this video but in a smaller case and requires a Journey tablet to view and send images.

Click Here to see additional in-vehicle scanning videos in our media library.