3 Things You Need to Know About Fuel Tax Data

Posted 06/23/17

Fleets that are already using or considering using an electronic logging device (ELD) to capture fuel tax data need to beware. International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) auditors will want state records going back a minimum of four years. With the rise of multiple-entry ELD providers and phone apps, fleets must do their homework and ask the following key questions:

How Long is IFTA Data Stored?

Fleets will want to have in writing that fuel tax data is stored for at least a minimum of 4 years.

What Happens to my Data if I am No Longer a Customer?

Make sure the ELD provider you use provides the option to download and store the data so it is not lost.

How Often Does the Location Update?

Updates are made at the date and time of each GPS ping or other system reading and at intervals sufficient to validate the total distance traveled in each jurisdiction. Depending on the carrier operation, this could mean location readings every 10 minutes. Some ELD providers are only updating the ELD requirement every 60 minutes or when a duty status change is triggered.

iGlobal, LLC ELDs update GPS every 3 minutes while the truck is moving and retain IFTA records for a minimum of 7 years even if you are no longer an iGlobal, LLC customer.

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