Trucking Conferences Are Great Learning Opportunities

Posted 09/19/14

Learning opportunities abound at conferences designed for specific affinity groups like the vast array within the trucking and transportation industry. And the upcoming Transforum User Conference & Exhibition, set for Sept. 21-24, 2014 in Nashville, Tenn., will be chock-full of great opportunities for attendees to grasp new information and share what they’ve learned with their colleagues back at the office.

The event is targeted to the diverse users of TMW Systems software with attendance averaging 1,700 people each year. During the four-day conference there will be over 300 educational sessions offered. Over 50 technology and service partners will be located in the “Technology Hub,” or exhibition hall, to showcase a selection of complementary products and services. Many of these companies are Business Alliance Partners with TMW, meaning the company’s software integrates with the third party or partner’s products.

Here are a few tips that can expand your learning opportunities at trade shows: 

1. Ask questions after the session too!
Ever think of a good question later after you’ve left the session? Make sure to get contact information for the presenter to either call or email them later. Your question may be the very thing they meant to share but ran out of time for during the session.

2.    Look for the immediate take-away information to share.
There is usually one great nugget of information that sticks out that you can take home and begin to implement immediately. It may be an out of the box best practice to improve efficiency.

3.    Network, Network, Network!
Did we say network, and network some more! This is a critical step of learning at a conference. While some may view it as name-dropping for later, those focused on learning will use it as a chance to glean new insight of a problem they are facing. It may also lead to a mentoring opportunity to broaden the scope of learning beyond the conference.

4.    Is My Company Getting the Most From Software?
There may be updates and new software products that your company is not fully utilizing. Talk to conference attendees and find out what serves their company’s needs the best. Most often they will share trial and errors that could save you a lot of headaches, time and money.

5.    Is There Something My Firm Has Overlooked? Is there an area we can be tracking/reporting on that we’ve yet to tap into or that a software system could provide more efficiency? For example, our competitors may have a model for fuel matrix that helps them lower operational costs.

Need to Solve a Problem: Is the Solution Here?

As many companies are looking for solutions for drivers to scan documents to speed up invoicing from the office, the cost can be a barrier for some. During TransForum, iGlobal, LLC will launch the “No Per-Scan-Fee” in-cab imaging package with the Edge and Edge Lite MDTs. The in-cab device reads bar codes and populates reference numbers for instant transmittal from the truck cab to the web, along with simplified Elogs so that little, if any, driver training is required. Visit iGlobal, LLC at Booth 313 to learn more!


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