CVSA Safe Driving Week July 15-21

Posted 07/16/18

Distracted driving is the single largest contributing factor to traffic crashes today.

Even Police Officers can become distracted while driving.

Here are some practical ways to help drivers stay focused on the road ahead:

  • Study your map and directions while parked.
  • Pre-program your GPS with origin and destination points before moving your vehicle.
  • Minimize the use of the CB radio to communications.
  • When you must use a mobile communication device while in motion, use “hands-free” devices.
  • Direct all phone calls to voicemail.
  • Eat and/or drink only when you are taking your break.
  • Pre-select radio stations.
  • If conversing with a passenger or co-driver, keep your eyes focused on the road ahead.
  • Avoid any conversation that is contentious or causes your to lose focus on your driving responsibilities.
  • Never write or handle paperwork while the vehicle is in motion.


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Have a safe week ahead!

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