Electronic Logging Devices for Large Fleets

Posted 09/10/18

Electronic Logging Devices For Large Fleets: What You Need to Know

As a fleet manager, you know your drivers need to keep accurate records of their time on the road. It is part of doing business.  Electronic logging devices for large fleets can make the record keeping process easy and give you access to the information you need.

iGlobal’s electronic logging devices (ELDs) can also help you stay compliant with the coming ELD mandate. Learn what you need to know about large fleet electronic logging devices and make your time on the road more efficient.

What are Electronic Logging Devices For Large Fleets?

Electronic logging devices keep records of your time on the road. ELDs are used to keep track of a driver’s Record of Duty Status (RODS) and Hours of Service (HOS). ELDs are an example of new technology in trucks. Before ELDs ruled the road, drivers used paper logbooks to keep track of their time behind the wheel and other documents. Automatic Onboard Recording Devices (AOBRD) replaced paper logs for many drivers, and now ELDs are set to replace AOBRDs.

iGlobal ELDs are designed to connect with your truck’s engine. This connectivity provides information about driving time, miles per hour, idle time, fuel consumption and more. ELDs make it easy to share information with law enforcement, fleet managers, dispatchers and other interested parties.

In addition to engine connectivity, iGlobal ELDs serve as in-cab computers. These devices are designed to work as hard as your drivers. Rugged and versatile, these devices can be equipped with other programs to help you run your fleet. ELDs can be equipped with document scanning, dispatch tools, GPS fleet tracking, messaging features and more. Additionally, iGlobal ELDs can partner with software your business is already using, like McLeod TMS and TMW systems. This simple integration can make your processes simple in the office and on the road.

ELDs can also make your large fleet dispatch processes simple. Stay in touch with your drivers with tools like text-based messaging. You can send messages to your entire fleet or a a single driver. This makes daily communication simple. iGlobal ELDs can also be equipped with a CB microphone to use with the built-in speaker. All of these features make communication through the device simple.

You’ll also find engine metrics and data available to you through your ELD. This information can be beneficial to your back office staff, mechanics and accountants.

Fleets of all sizes take advantage of ELDs. Large fleets and small fleets rely on the technology to meet needs and make doing business easy.

Why Large Fleet Electronic Logging Devices are Important

ELD implementation isn’t just a good idea — it is the law. According to information from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), all trucks using AOBRDs will be required to use ELDs by December 2019. This rule stems from the Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century bill, which was passed in 2012. The bill provides funding for highways and roads, but also sets rules for trucks. One rule is about ELD compliance. Complying with the ELD mandate means trucks must use ELDs to keep track of HOS and RODS, according to the FMCSA law.

Your large fleet will most likely need to comply with the ELD mandate. According to information from the FMCSA, the ELD mandate applies to:

  • Any commercial motor vehicle driver currently required to keep track of RODS and HOS
  • Vehicles that carry loads of hazardous materials
  • Vehicles that weigh over 10,001 lbs
  • Commercial vehicles that are designed to carry more than 8 passengers, depending on vehicle class

Fleet managers and drivers have until December of 2019 to comply with the new ELD rules. With the encroaching deadline, many large fleets and smaller fleets alike are already opting for ELD solutions. In addition to complying with the coming ELD mandate, many fleets are reaping the benefits of making the switch to ELDs. Large fleet electronic logging devices can:

  • Provide up-to-date records of time on the road, average miles per hour, driver rest time, idle time and more
  • Lets dispatch know of a driver’s location and status to help plan loads
  • Notify fleet managers and mechanics of a truck’s engine error codes, helping you keep your truck maintained and protect your investment
  • Allows you to process and scan paperwork quickly
  • Eliminates hassle and makes document storage easy

Additionally, using ELDs can help protect your fleet’s drivers. Spending hours and hours behind the wheel can be very tiring. Many studies have proven that exhaustion and driver fatigue can cause accidents. Keeping accurate records of RODS and HOS with your ELD can help ensure drivers are both compliant with the law and getting enough rest on the road.

Using Large Fleet Electronic Logging Devices

You’ll find that iGlobal’s ELD devices are versatile in-cab computers. There are a variety of features you can choose from to customize the device to best meet the needs of your large fleet. iGlobal ELDs are reliable and among the best in the industry. Make the switch to an iGlobal ELD and comply with the ELD mandate and enjoy many benefits.


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