Fleet Managers: How To Keep Truck Drivers Happy

Posted 10/02/14

It’s often the tough job of fleet managers to keep their drivers on the road and their staff in the office happy. Many factors play into this delicate balance, but there are a few key things to do to establish a good foundation and to keep those trucks moving.

Fleet managers cite a lack of efficiency from the office staff regarding drivers and vice versa as a main complaint. Drivers complain that the office staff wants too many details, requiring more of their time off the road.

Here are a few tips that may help smooth the process:

  1. Simplify paperwork. This is a small change that has a huge effect in keeping your drivers happy. Do an audit of your existing paperwork and look for ways to trim it down. Simplifying paperwork saves your drivers’ time with the details and makes it easier for office staff to get their jobs done.
  1. Communicate effectively. The ability to communicate effectively with drivers on the road is critical, especially if the office has a question regarding an invoice or the driver needs further instructions. Utilize state-of-the-art communication tools to stay in touch with the fleet. It’s teamwork!
  1. Use Data To Improve. Many tools are available to help keep track of driver details like location tracking, stops duration report, miles per gallon, idle time, and equipment diagnostics. Once armed with information, fleet managers can better coach drivers and office staff. The improvements can also be realized to increase the fleet’s CSA scores. This is definitely a plus!

Again, communication plays a vital role in making sure the fleet stays on the road and that the office runs smoothly. It’s a process that iGlobal, LLC has mastered using their seamless system to address the many issues fleets struggle with regarding efficiency.

Learn how our line of products can help simplify your drivers’ jobs and how much more efficiently your office staff can get things do like processing documents for invoicing and analyzing reports data. It’s a win-win for everyone to be happy and working hard.

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