iGlobal LLC Heads to Trade Show With GPS Trailer Tracking Equipment

Posted 04/23/16

Fleet operators invest their money and their livelihoods into their operations, which grants them certain rights and sometimes puts them at significant risk. They have the right to run their fleets as they choose; they are also at risk of losing money and resources if they make bad decisions. It is the nature of the business: rights and risks.

But in an increasingly competitive and regulated marketplace, finding ways to reduce the rising risk of property loss (nearing epidemic proportions) and to manage their fleets more closely and efficiently to maintain profit margins is challenging. But a simple, relatively inexpensive technological fix may remedy the bulk of the modern fleet manager’s dilemma; it’s trailer tracking equipment.

Specialized, tried-and-tested tracking equipment enables fleet managers to monitor where their equipment is at any moment and what it’s doing with precision. This allows managers to direct their resources in near live time and virtually eliminates the prospects of lost, stolen or even idle equipment.

“The question is: Where is my equipment, what it’s doing and how long has it been stopped,” said iGlobal, LLC president Eric Bauer. Trailer tracking equipment “is instant inventorying.”

iGlobal Heads to Trade Show in Cincinnati, Ohio

iGlobal, LLC representatives have been presenting cutting-edge trailer tracking devices at the NAFA 2016 Institute & Expo April 19-22 in Austin, Texas, in what is widely seen as the next step in the industry’s technological transformation. Representatives are heading to the NPTC 2016 Education Management Conference & Exhibition April 24-26 in Cincinnati, Ohio. NAFA is the National Association of Fleet Administrators; NPTC is the National Private Truck Council.

Company representatives are offering $100 discounts off the purchase of iGlobal, LLC’s revolutionary trailer tracking equipment, and Bauer said the response from fleet leaders has been phenomenal. He said fleets are increasingly looking for ways to recoup property and equipment loss as the rate of thefts continues to climb. And fleet managers are discovering iGlobal LLC’s devices are the panacea for a more streamlined, efficient and profitable operation.

The question is: where is my equipment, what is it doing and how long has it been stopped?" Trailer tracking equipment "is instant inventorying."

iGlobal, LLC tracking devices are simple and easy to use. The devices complement established technological systems, are relatively inexpensive investments that reap huge returns and can be used to track most types of equipment, including track trailers, trucks, vans, backhoes, cargo vans, utility equipment, bulldozers, boats, Bobcats, roll-offs and any other type of transportation equipment easily, inconspicuously and reliably.

The equipment gives fleets information feeds in near real time and provides fleets with increased oversight of truck-route planning. The extremely long-lasting devices give fleet managers a window into where their resources and equipment are and how long their property has been there with pinpoint GPS accuracy.

iGlobal, LLC specializes in providing technology solutions for the transportation, logistics and distribution industries. We build hardware and develop software that answers complex business, critical problems and bring immediate ROI to our customers. For more information, please Contact iGlobal, LLC, or call 877-822-8855.


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