Get Documents Processed Quickly With In-Cab Scanning

Posted 04/24/14

Do you need to find a faster, more reliable way to transmit documents from the truck to the office? Would getting those documents scanned and sent to the office faster cut down the time it takes to receive payments?

If the answer to both of these questions is a resounding “yes!”, then the in-cab scanning feature of the Journey and EDGE product lines may be just for you. The rugged scanner is a must-have for any truck or vehicle fleet.

iGlobal MDT in-cab scanning

Hardware/Software: Transportation Technology Details in Sync

The three MDTs in the iGlobal product line include:

  • EDGE – a rugged, all-in-one MDT with a built in heavy-duty scanner.
  • EDGE Lite – all the ruggedness of the EDGE with a light-duty built in scanner.
  • Journey – a rugged dash-mounted MDT that can include our stand-alone heavy-duty scanner.

iGlobal MDT Edge

Our MDTs are housed in a tried and tested rugged case which is the starting point of the durable foundation. The case protects the components from dust; it will not scratch easily; and will not be damaged if bounced around in the cab.

So, whether for a truck or the entire fleet, we have an MDT that can manage the work load. The iGlobal scanning feature can process documents of standard letter size like a Bill-of-Lading or a Delivery Receipt, or even a small toll receipt up to a legal-size sheet of paper. And our software program with the scanner feature includes a set monthly fee for unlimited scans. Yes, that’s an immediate savings realized.

“Ain’t Nobody Got Time for That!”

And just as a fleet is looking to cut costs, so is the owner-operator who wants to make sure they are able to file their expenses in order to be paid promptly. An owner-operator is also able to benefit from the scanners by uploading any document, expense reports, or fuel receipts. This eliminates the hunt for a place with a scanner to submit paperwork or waiting upon return to get everything in. And on the road in most cases, a driver is paying per page for scanning at a truck stop or other location. No one has time or money for that, especially in this fast-paced industry. So having access to a scanner in the truck makes a huge difference to the owner-operator as well.

The Color of Paper Matters

The scanning feature of the Pathfinder software of the MDT is as easy and intuitive to use as the other features. A driver can scan a document from any screen or page and get a preview. If the document preview is not a good image, the driver can reject the scan.

The color of paper being scanned can affect the quality of the preview image. For instance, a yellow sheet of paper may appear dark or blurry in the preview so the driver can quickly adjust the brightness or darkness of the scanner to get a better image. A color coded key is programmed into the MDT to help quickly find the right level.


Picking Up the Right Code

The software of the MDT can also be programmed to search for and recognize barcodes or PRO numbers on documents. The software picks up on reference numbers in the document and populates fields on the screen based on the type of document. So a barcode from a Bill-of-Lading will populate certain fields versus that of a delivery receipt.

The software can be programmed to set any field as required information prior to accepting and sending a scan. The MDT can also be customized to recognize a specific document type or have a customized algorithm to fit the needs of the fleet. The ability to quickly recognize barcodes and PRO numbers helps with freight sorting once it reaches the terminal to be processed for delivery. In addition, if all of the information is automatically detected and no issue is highlighted, the document is sent. It’s that simple and instant! The driver is back on the road while the office is already working on invoicing.

Organizing Shipping Documents is Easy

Viewing all of the documents at the office can be integrated with your existing system or clients can use our easy-to-use iGlobal web portal to access, receive, and search scanned documents. The user is able to select multiple images for review or place a group in another folder. Once in the database, documents are searchable and can be sorted and filtered. The user can print an individual page or print a group of documents from any screen and attach documents to an email.

Now that you have a good overview of our scanning feature, take a minute to learn about some other options we offer:

At iGlobal we continue to add innovation to our line of products. Call us today to see how our software packages or custom combinations can help your fleet stay better equipped and ahead of the competition.


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