R+L Carriers Deploying iGlobal’s EDGE MDT Across Entire Fleet

Posted 03/06/15

March 6, 2015 – R+L Carriers, Inc., Wilmington, OH, one of the nation’s largest LTL fleets, is deploying iGlobal LLC’s onboard computing and in-cab scanning solution – the EDGE MDT – across its entire fleet of more than 5,500 trucks.  Implementation will be completed in July 2015.

“iGlobal LLC has been an instrumental part of our in-vehicle strategy for years,” said Bob Zimmerman, President of R+L Carriers.  “The in-cab scanning is second to none, but we needed a complete onboard computing system that integrated with our newly created Enterprise City Dispatch System (ECD). We looked at the majority of the providers in the market today and came to the conclusion that the iGlobal EDGE MDT was the most complete all-in-one solution available for our needs.”

“The ability to package a very driver-friendly system that provides two-way text and voice messaging with automated workflow, electronic driver logs, complete ECM data for tracking MPG and engine health, and auto arrivals and departures, along with the best in-cab scanning system we could find, made the decision to expand iGlobal LLC’s solution to our fleet an easy one,” Zimmerman said. “On top of that, we’ve found their customer service to be world class.”

“As I’m sure you can imagine, the challenges of taking on such a large customer can be daunting,” said Eric Bauer, President of iGlobal. “But we were confident that the EDGE MDT is the perfect fit for the R+L operation, and are committed to making sure the rollout across the fleet goes as seamless as possible. We understand their expectations, and are delivering the results we promised at the outset of our discussions.”

The ECD integration was completed, tested, and went live in mid-October, said Bauer. Following that, the two companies met and put an aggressive implementation and rollout plan together.

“When you have a fleet with so many trucks and terminals, you have to have a detailed plan in place that can guide you through any number of challenges that might come up,” said Mark Vance, Director of Operations for iGlobal.  “Knowing the problems that things like winter weather can cause, we planned ahead and focused our winter rollout across their terminals in the Southern states. Small things like that make a big difference in a successful, uninterrupted rollout.

“I am amazed with the results we had in the field,” said Mike Shroyer, CFO of R+L Carriers. “Drivers like the EDGE MDT and installation is quick. The day after a recent rollout at our second largest terminal, we had over 3,000 bills of lading and delivery receipts scanned, processed and invoiced at a 98% percent success rate by the end of the day. We simply couldn’t be happier!”

“We initially thought we wanted a more portable solution but none of the systems we tried were able to compete with the EDGE when it came to image quality and the speed in which the drivers are able to transmit documents,” Shroyer said.

“In order to have a successful ELOG rollout, it has to be easy for the drivers to learn and use.”  “We have started a small ELOG pilot too.”  The initial drivers that we switched over were very hesitant at first. But now love it because it’s so easy to use. It’s been a win/win for the company and the drivers” said Bauer.

There has also been a significant impact using ECM data to improve overall MPG, fault code reporting and preventative maintenance as well as equipment tracking, ETAs and route performance.

“While the EDGE MDT is highly customizable and designed for fleets of any size, similar benefits can be had for smaller companies who use this right out of the box,” Bauer said.

About R+L Carriers

R+L Carriers is a family owned and operated Global freight shipping company based in the United States. With nearly 50 years of service, R+L Carriers, Inc. serves the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and the Dominican Republic with LTL, Truckload, Business Critical, Logistics and more. To learn more about R+L Carriers’ Worldwide shipping solutions visit their corporate website at: www.rlcarriers.com, For media contacts: media@rlcarriers.com

About iGlobal LLC

iGlobal LLC is a Technology Company specializing in providing solutions for the Transportation, Logistics, and Distribution Industries. They build hardware and develop software that answers complex business critical problems, including fleet management and communication technologies. Visit their website at https://igloballlc.com.


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