iGlobal, LLC Brings Trailer Tracking Device Technology to WasteExpo 2016

Posted 05/26/16

Don’t waste your time forgetting to explore ways to keep track of your fleet’s resources and capital. Thousands of industry leaders are expected to attend WasteExpo 2016 in Las Vegas June 7-9, 2016.

More than 13,000 fleet representatives are expected to attend the conference that will showcase the industry’s latest products and newest technologies, including the latest and greatest trailer tracking devices.

Experts will host sessions on waste, recycling and organics, according to conference organizers. The intent of the conference is to allow fleet leaders to connect with their business peers. Nearly 600 exhibitors are expected to have product and educational displays at what’s deemed the industry’s most successful event of its type.

iGlobal LLC Offering $100 Discounts on Trailer Tracking Devices

Representatives from iGlobal LLC, the premier source of trucking technologies, will be attending the expo and continuing their $100 discount offer on their state-of-the-art trailer tracking devices. They will be at booth 5520.

In an increasingly regulated and competitive industry, fleet leaders continue to seek ways to maintain their market edge with technological tools to monitor their businesses and keep track of their resources.

iGlobal, LLC’s iVision X.5 fits the bill. The technological marvel enables fleet managers to keep track of their capital – which may includes trailers, tractors, roll offs and containers – by pinpointing its locations.

An untethered fleet tracking device, the iVision X.5 has a durable, lithium-ion non-chargeable battery and can be deployed for years. The battery’s long life means the iVision X.5 provides one GPS location signal per day for up to five years. The units may be mounted anywhere inexpensively and easily.

Save $100 on Trailer GPS Tracking Devices at Waste Expo!

iGlobal, LLC president Eric Bauer said the iVision X.5 gives fleet leaders an easy tool for monitoring and tracking their equipment, which helps to cut business costs by streamlining their operations.

“Are you searching for your trailers or tractors? Boom. They’re all there,” Bauer said in describing how the devices provide information.

Trailer tracking technology also allows fleet managers to monitor the movement of their vehicles. “How would you like to know when your assets stopped and for how long,” Bauer said. “The question is: Where is my equipment, what’s it doing and how long has it been stopped.”

The tracking equipment “is instant inventorying.”

The $100 discounts apply to the purchase of any of iGlobal LLC’s revolutionary trailer tracking equipment. Bauer said fleet managers are finding this easy-to-use and very reliable technology a boon to their businesses. Demand for the equipment remains high as managers look for ways to reduce thefts and recoup lost or misplaced property.

Global, LLC specializes in providing technology solutions for the transportation, logistics and distribution industries. We build hardware and develop software that answers complex business, critical problems and bring immediate ROI to our customers.

Please contact iGlobal, LLC, or call 877-822-8855 to learn more about fleet management products and accessories.


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