Two Governors Suspend Hours-Of-Service Rules

Posted 10/30/15

Federal hours-of-service rules have been put on hold this month in two states to accommodate shipment of emergency supplies following flooding caused by Hurricane Joaquin.

Governors in North Carolina and South Carolina suspended the rules that also regulate trucks’ sizes and weight limits.

South Carolina’s suspension applies to drivers carrying “equipment, materials, services, supplies, food, fuel timber, debris and other items in response to flood,” according to Commercial Carrier Journal. South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley issued the order Oct. 2.

Gov. Pat McCrory signed North Carolina’s order Oct. 1, which waives federal requirements for truck drivers carrying “essential fuels, food, water, medical supplies, debris removal, feed for livestock and poultry, transporting livestock and poultry and for vehicles used in the restoration of utility services.”

South Carolina still prohibits trucks from exceeding limits of 12 feet in width, 13.5 feet in height and 90,000 pounds in weight. Drivers are required to comply with bridge signs and obtain state permits for certain loads, the Commercial Carrier Journal report stated. North Carolina continues to restrict truck limits to 90,000 pounds in weight, 12 feet in width and overall 75 feet in length.

hours-of-service rules

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