What’s Next for the ELD Mandate?

Posted 11/07/17

Here are the latest updates for what’s next for the ELD mandate:

  • December 18th 2017: Every driver required to use paper logs today must be using an electronic AOBRD device to record their record of duty status.
  • December 19th 2019: Every driver required to use paper logs today must have an ELD that has been registered with the FMCSA that automatically records their record of duty status.

State additions to the ELD Mandate and what happens after December 19th 2019?

Overdrive Magazine a leading trucking publication has reported the state of Oregon has adopted the ELD mandate for its intrastate motor carriers and will begin enforcing the requirement on December 18th 2017.

Texas has given a date of December 19th 2019, while Florida has given only one extra year publishing December 31st 2018.  California might be the most significant intrastate outlier given its size.  So far California has only talked about a date of late 2020.

So, what’s next?  Short haul drivers?  Delivery drivers? Uber?

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