How To Attract and Keep Young Truck Drivers?

Posted 08/07/15

The trucking industry has transformed the U.S. economy and political structure, elevating it over the last century to the world’s titan of finance and military muscle. First used extensively by the military during World War I, the long-distant transport of goods has been a mainstay of American commercial life, attracting a rugged class of drivers whose primary focus was man-handling huge rigs and maneuvering through bustling byways to make their timely shipments.

But as the 21st century dawned, the industry began to evolve at an alarming rate to keep pace with huge leaps in cyber technology and to keep abreast with so many new regulatory requirements. The question for fleet managers – in this breathtakingly competitive marketplace – became: How do we incorporate new technologies to maintain financial viability and how do we hire young and generally more tech-savvy drivers?

We at iGlobal LLC understand the dilemma and provide fleets with technological solutions that comply with federal standards and enable companies to take their businesses to the next level. How To Attract and Keep Young Truck Drivers?

How To Attract Young Truck Drivers

EDGE MDTs Put Top Technology in Your Truck Cabs

While our EDGE Mobile Data Terminals put the highest quality and most up-to-date scanning and communication technology in your trucks’ cabs, the sturdy and portable units are remarkably easy to operate and very user friendly. Although younger drivers may be more adept at technological gadgetry, our in-cab scanners were made for ease of use and for quick and efficient transmission of vital paperwork to your main offices for proper processing.

Here are some tips fleet managers can employ to targeting younger drivers:

  • More so now than at any other time, social media plays a huge role in the lives of younger generations. Your business should effectively use all the social media tools and platforms.
  • While the standard truck-driver workweek has governed the industry for generations, younger people are looking for some flexibility. Industry trends point to a rise in the appeal to recruits who are looking for nightly home time or variable time on the road.
  • The life of over-the-road truck driving presents both positive and negative enticements. The long hours away from home traveling cross country (or cross state) may be appealing to some recruits, but the added element of a week off after three or four weeks on the road makes it even more attractive. That gives drivers considerably more time to spend with their families or enjoy leisure activities.
  • The positive side of life on the road is definitely the travel aspect. The message to recruits might be tailored to emphasize that sense of travel and adventure. Young long-haul drivers should also be reminded that they’ll have the opportunity to see more of the landscape and the country than their desk-job peers may see in a lifetime. Put the panoramic vistas of the open road on display – on your social media channels.
  • While so many aspects of the industry appear to be undergoing a shift, you may want to offer drivers better pay and benefit packages. Sign-on bonuses and guaranteed miles are attractive offerings.
  • Change the image. Discard the stereotype. Many young people may have the picture of truck drivers as overweight men in dirty jeans and torn, white tee-shirts. Put your cab – with its modern features and upscale technology – on full display. Show them what driving a truck in the 21st century looks like. This isn’t your father’s truck.


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