Current and Pending FMCSA Regulations

Posted 11/24/14

iGlobal, LLC is dedicated to being on top of any Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) changes, mandated or proposed. With new and pending regulations coming out frequently, iGlobal LLC’s software is configurable and ready to help you stay on top of the challenges your fleet might be experiencing.

The FMCSA is tasked with the mission to provide a safe roadway for commercial motor vehicles. This is done through regulation and monitoring of carriers. Recently, some of the medical exemption regulations of FMCSA have been in the news. Some of these exemptions have been to the hearing impaired, and could possibly be granted to drivers with epilepsy. These medical exemptions could put carriers in an uncomfortable position to decide whether drivers are medically safe to drive a truck on the road.

We put together this list of current and pending FMCSA regulations so you can stay informed.

Minimum Liability Coverage – (Pending)

Minimum liability could be increasing from $750,000 to $2 million. This is a significant minimum insurance increase, and many small carriers could heavily feel the effects. However, this change is still pending, and the American Trucking Association (ATA) still supports the current limit.

Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse – (Pending)

The FMCSA proposed a drug and alcohol clearinghouse rule, but many trucking groups would like this rule amended. The rule would prevent hiring drivers with a positive test for substance abuse and have not finished some type of recovery process. The amendment by the truckers would include requiring carriers to report any mistreatment of substances.  Look for this regulation to finalize in late 2015.

Electronic Logging Device Mandate – (Pending)

Perhaps the biggest regulation in the industry, the process has begun for FMCSA to start mandating an Electronic Logging Device (ELD) in all cabs. This has been on the docket for awhile now, and by 2015 the rule should be in place. Giving businesses time to adapt to the new mandate, a two year implementation period will take place. By 2017, the mandate should be fully enforced. ELD devices will be registered with FMCSA to help determine the devices that are certified for compliance.

Hours-of-Service Restart – (Current)

An Hours-of-Service (HOS) restart study is now underway. The study, hopes to be valuable in bringing the old 34 hour restart rule back. As it stands now, drivers can only use the 34 hour restart once every 168 hours. Additionally, between 1-5 AM drivers must have two consecutive periods offs.

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