Fleet Management Solutions: Top Features for Drivers

Posted 12/05/14

In-cab technology offers a variety of fleet management solutions with top features for drivers. For a driver, technology plays a vital role in communication and keeping up with FMCSA regulations. The iGlobal LLC electronic logging device (ELD) is a wise choice as it offers a variety of features through a complete package of vehicle tracking and document sharing services. What are the top features?


Two messaging options are offered within the ELD:

Text Messages: Drivers can send and receive messages and look back at prior messages. This is especially helpful in remembering specific instructions. No more out of route miles due to misunderstood instructions. The system indicates to both the driver and the dispatcher when messages have been sent and read.  Drivers and dispatchers can type details or a quick one touch message to each other. One touch messaging include phrases like 10-4, arrived at gate, ETA request, and delayed, but there are many to chose from.

Audio messages require no typing and complies with the cell phone ban. A CB Microphone is used by the driver to talk to Dispatch over the integrated cell phone. Simply press 1 button and speak into the microphone. Responses from Dispatch play automatically over the built in speaker and can be replayed at any time.

Both features offer a Voice Mail type feature so if one person cannot respond at the moment, the text or Audio Message is waiting for them as soon as they can. This completely eliminates drivers and dispatchers waiting on hold! Just think how much more productive it would be if no one had to wait?

In-Cab Scanning and Document Image Retrieval

Reduce DSO, improve cash flow, and get rid of lost paperwork forever! Invoice while your truck is still at the customer’s dock with the most reliable in-cab document imaging system available today. The scanners are high speed, durable, and fully automatic. All documents flow into our web portal where you can file, save, sort, forward and retrieve any document at any time. Create invoices and attach the BOL and signed Delivery Receipt, moments after delivery. Best of all, there is no more truck stop scanning or mailing paperwork.

Our ELDs are perfect for any size fleet. If you are looking to optimize your fleet, our Edge electronic logging device and Journey 8 electronic logging tablet provide the best solutions in the transportation industry.

Let our knowledgeable staff help you choose the right product to achieve your goals. We can demonstrate how fast and easy our ELD products are to use. The return on investment is as little as 30 days.


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