Governors Have Suspended Hours-of-Service Rules

Posted 01/29/16

Following record winter storms along the Eastern seaboard and in the South, several governors have temporarily suspended hours-of-services rules to provide relief for trucking fleets.

In declaring states of emergencies, governors in hard-hit states of Kentucky, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia are providing waivers on the federal requirements as storm conditions rattled nearly a third of the U.S. population.

Here is a breakdown of state actions, according to Commercial Carrier Journal:

  • Kentucky is expected to lift its hours exemption Jan. 31.
  • North Carolina’s exemption applies to drivers hauling “essential fuels, food, water, medical supplies, debris removal, feed for livestock and poultry, and livestock” The governor has waived limits on size and weights for trucks hauling equipment or supplies to restore power and to remove debris. The exemption is expected to last until Feb. 20 or through “the duration of the emergency, whichever is less.”
  • South Carolina’s law requires the state to follow North Carolina in this emergency declaration, according to CCJ. The state’s exemption includes trucks carrying “fuel, food, water or other goods to” North Carolina. It is expected to remain in effect until Jan. 28.
  • Tennessee’s exemption applies to food haulers in the state. It was lifted Jan. 27.
  • Virginia is waiving size and weight limits for load haulers. Its waiver applies to drivers hauling “emergency relief supplies, passengers, property, livestock, poultry, equipment, food, feed for livestock or poultry, fuel, construction materials and other critical supplies to or from any portion (of Virginia) for purpose of providing direct relief or assistance as a result of this disaster.” The exemption is expected to be lifted March 1.
  • West Virginia has instituted a limited waiver for truckers carrying propane and only temporarily lifts the 60/70-hour limit when all drivers for their fleet have reached the hour limit, according to the CCJ.

 Last week's blizzards created hazardous weather conditions for trucks.

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