Technology In The Cab: The Mobile Data Terminal in Motion

Posted 11/14/14

The Mobile Data Terminal (MDT) has revolutionized fleet management in the transportation industry.

The Mobile Data Terminal (MDT) has revolutionized fleet management in the transportation industry.  Whether it’s the LTL (Less Than Truckload) or Truckload sector, there are many benefits to using a MDT for your fleet. An MDT in the LTL sector can be used for scanning a Bill of Lading, to message for pickup or delivery, and customers can see delivery documentation in real time. While the MDT can do the same thing for the Truckload sector, some more specific advantages include the ability to send driver settlements to home offices for payroll, eliminating out of route miles, and provide fuel receipts for reimbursements. Today, these devices are easy to mount and can be added to a driver’s truck seamlessly. Once the cab is in motion, there are many features that make this technology in the cab a must-have for any fleet.


Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs or Elogs) are expected to be required in all transportation cabs within the next couple years. Currently, if you travel more than 100 miles from your home, terminal logs are mandatory. One of the benefits of an Electronic Logging Device is that it makes logging so much easier. For example, pre-trip inspections: When a driver has performed administrative tasks , a pre-trip inspection or other non-driving duties, the time must be accounted for in order to comply with Hours of Service Regulations. Elogs make complying with these regulations effortless.


The GPS system is a favorite feature among dispatchers. Why? Perhaps the most important information for dispatchers is the location of a driver. With a MDT, finding a driver will not be an issue. Every 3 minutes the GPS system will update automatically, or it can be updated manually. The continuous updates include date/time and speed of a vehicle.


Metrics refers to the miles per gallon being utilized by the truck. Some of the information included is Instant Miles Per Gallon, Idle Time, and Idle Gallons. Within the metrics feature, there are mileage stamps with every log change. The mileage stamps happen nightly and include:

  • Preventative maintenance
  • Mileage reports
  • Fuel data
  • Fault Codes

The metrics feature can save fleets time and money by running this report on a regular basis. In an instant, vital information can be seen and reported as it pertains to the condition and maintenance needs of trucks. Fleet managers also have real-time data to help make critical decisions at a moment’s notice.

iGlobal offers three MDT’s: The Edge for every day cab use with an industrial scanner for a heavy document load, The Edge Light, our lighter weight scanner for 5 to 10 documents a day and the Journey, great for sleeper cabs as it features a separate scanner. Each of these units have the features that make our MDT a must have for any fleet.

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