Truck Driver Fitness and Nutrition Tips

Posted 07/02/14

In America, one-third of adults are considered obese. In addition, employees of certain industries have a greater risk of obesity because of their work environment and its requirements. Truck drivers are included in this category. In recent years, a number of companies have taken a proactive approach to help their drivers embrace a healthier lifestyle while maintaining their work schedule. We understand just how challenging it may be for drivers to find the time to exercise and plan healthier meals. Here are a few tips we can offer truck drivers to help motivate them in their quest for better health. iGlobal, LLC offers truck driver fitness and nutrition tips to help truckers stay fit, eat healthy food and get quality sleep during long-haul trips.

Incorporate Fitness into Your Daily Routine

Truck drivers often have a hard time finding a way to get enough exercise on the road. They don’t have the option to walk around the building at work or use the fitness facilities during their breaks. However, truck drivers do have other opportunities to get fit – it just takes a little creativity and a willingness to do what it takes to get fit! As a driver, there are several ways exercise can easily be incorporated into your daily schedule without needing to block off hours a day for a workout regimen.

  1. Park your truck farther away to increase the steps you take getting to rest stops.
  2. Set a goal for the number of daily steps you take and use a Pedometer to track your steps. If you have a Smartphone, there are several easy-to-use apps that track your movement (assuming you keep your phone on you at all times) so that you can effortlessly record your daily steps. If you have an iPhone 5S, many apps connect with this phone’s M7 chip, which continuously tracks movement without draining the battery!
  3. Purchase a folding bicycle to ride around the truck stop areas on your break. If you’d rather move on your own two feet, you can also purchase running shoes to go for jogs or walks during your downtime.

Recharge Yourself with Good Quality Sleep

Getting good sleep is one of the most important factors in your overall well-being. Sleep allows both your mind and body to recover from the day’s stresses and recharge so that you are focused and energetic the next day.

Don’t underestimate the importance of comfort in your sleeping area. Buying a better mattress or pillow is well worth the cost if it increases your quality of sleep. Experts also recommend something to provide white noise, like a space heater/cooler. It helps drown out the surrounding sounds, while also keeping your space a comfortable temperature.

If you have trouble quieting your mind as you prepare to sleep, you may consider a relaxation technique such as meditation. For those who struggle with anxiety, it may help to focus on the task at hand (the here and now) instead of letting your mind worry about future situations or those beyond your control. Take a few minutes to breathe deeply, inhaling through your nose and letting the breath work its way up through your abdomen. Deep breathing slows the heart rate, helping you feel more relaxed.

Be Proactive about Choosing Healthy Foods


One of the biggest issues when drivers are on the road is their dining options. Most truck stops have fast food options and rather than making several stops, truck drivers choose the more convenient dining. Many truck stops have now begun to provide healthier dining options for drivers, including fresh fruit and vegetables.

The other option is to go to a grocery store to get your own healthy meals (most grocery stores have truck parking!) and packing them in a cooler each day to bring to work. When buying your food, make sure to be conscious of the products you are choosing. For breakfast, you can get quick oats and add your own spices and flavors to it like bananas, applesauce, etc. Oats are a good source of fiber and are easy to make! For lunch, you can do grilled meats, wraps, and salads. You can spice them up with condiments, fruits, and vegetables.

If you have access to cooking appliances and/or equipment, check out TheKeystruckers.com for some unique ideas for recipes you can cook while on the road.

Stay Connected with What’s Important

Another problem drivers may have while on the road is worrying about family life and missing their loved ones back home. Transportation industry professional Holly Schubert suggests making your travels exciting for your family by telling them stories from your trip. You can also tell your family your travel plans before you go and have them do research on the place you visit while you are gone. When you return, you can show them pictures of the area and you can both share what you learned. This allows your family to feel included in that part of your life and gives everyone something to look forward to.

The benefits of maintaining a healthy lifestyle always outweigh the hard work you have to put in. Anyone can be healthy, it just takes a determined mindset. If you have tips on how to get healthy or want to share your story with us, leave us a comment below. Also, follow us on Twitter and Facebook to keep updated on our products and services.


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