Winter Sports and Transportation Technology Share Common Goals

Posted 02/20/14

It’s peak season for winter sports enthusiasts as many take to the slopes with the tenacity to enjoy the new powder or even entertain hopes of being the next champion on the ice. However, the often rugged terrain of an alpine ski course or the labyrinth of a luge track can be hard to handle without the right tools and techniques.

The same is true when it comes to doing business, especially in the transportation industry. With both trucking and winter sports, efficient equipment, practiced techniques, and advanced technology enable better results. In the spirit of the season, we took a look at how winter sports function similarly to our MDT.

Winter Sports-02-01

Metrics/Ski Jumping

Just like a ski jumper, a driver is trying to stretch just how far he can go. Our MPG readings on the MDT will assist a driver, and our Web Portal’s Fuel and Mileage Report will help the back office coach their fleet.


Dispatcher and driver work in concert like a bobsled team to get the job done. Our MDT and Web Portal allow a dispatcher to communicate with a driver and access vital information like location.


Hitting the right target is the goal of curling. Our MDT sends GPS positions every 3 minutes and Web Portal users can pinpoint the latest location or take a snapshot of trends with a truck or driver.

Scan/Speed Skating

With the speed of our MDT Scanners, you’ll get documents to the office quicker and enable the most efficient movement of freight even before it arrives. It’s a fast paced environment, like a speed skater’s race to the finish.

Elogs/Ice Hockey

Hockey players have to keep track of and abide by playing time limits, just like a driver has to track his Hours of Service. Our in-cab eLogs, and Web Portal reports make managing this myriad of details a frosty breeze.

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